Callisto Series Callisto Series Callisto Series Callisto Series
INDOOR | P1.5mm - P3.9mm


Outstanding Performance

When you are after Stunning high definition images, dynamic animation effects, vivid video and still image reproduction the Callisto Series is a natural choice.

1000 nits gives your indoor display a bright and vibrant colour palette to promote your products and get your message across.

Easy Installation

Callisto panels can be mounted straight to a flat ply wall and is very easy to install. The precisely engineered aluminium frames lock together for a seamless finish.

When space is limited or access is tricky Callisto offers you a time-saving and convenient installation process with all the cables and electronics safely secured behind the display.

Front Maintenance

Maintenance is easy with our front-access cabinets. A Magnetic removal tool helps to make servicing your display a simple and convenient operation.

Broken or damaged modules can be quickly replaced which means operations can commence without delay.

  • Application: Indoor
  • Brightness: 600 - 1000 Nit
  • Dimensions:500mm/750mm/1000mm(L) x 250mm(W) x 48mm(D)
  • Pitch: 1.5mm - 3.9mm
  • Features: Cost Effective and Versatile
  • Physical Features: Three frame sizes allowing for ultimate flexibility
  • Use Case:Retail, TV Studios, Cinemas, Airports, Museums