Comet Series Comet Series Comet Series
INDOOR/OUTDOOR | P2.6mm - P5.9mm


Quick Maintenance

For indoor models, the magnetic module design enables quick front/rear servicing.

For outdoor models, four screws are used per module, as well as magnets to balance the ease of use, flatness and safety. Two handles are included to remove the power box, one of the quickest designs in the industry.

Super Lightweight

It’s not about being the lightest in the world, it’s about being as light as possible without sacrificing performance. At only 12kg per panel for the outdoor model, the Comet outdoor series can still reach up to 5500 nits brightness.

Seamless Curvature

An intuitive side locking system delivers a seamless connection. The Comet Series has two sets of curvable side locks to ensure a solid connection. The accurate machining delivers a seamless connection of up to 5 degrees convex at 2.6mm, overcoming a serious challenge in the industry.

One Man Install / Uninstall

One man installation with quick top locks. For either stacking or hanging, simply click to self-lock two cabinets. The locks so easy to use, a single person can easily lift the 7-12Kg cabinet while locking/unlocking them.

Modular Design

With a standardized design, the different models of the Comet Series share the same cabinet frame and power box, so it’s easy to manage spares, even if you’ve purchased different models.

  • Application: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Brightness: 5500 Nit
  • Dimensions:500mm/1000mm(L) x 500mm(W) x 65mm/85mm(D)
  • Pitch: 2.6mm - 5.9mm
  • Features: Ultra lightweight, One man install, Quick servicing
  • Physical Features: Curvable, Two frame sizes allowing for ultimate flexibility
  • Use Case:Large-scale Events, Festivals and Concerts