Leda Series Leda Series Leda Series
OUTDOOR | P4.8mm - P7.8mm


Wide Applications

The Leda Series panels are durable, stable and provide exceptional image quality.

Our Leda panels can be used in a wide variety of markets, such as outdoor billboards for commercial advertising, notice boards for schools/offices and public displays within train stations and shopping malls.


Superior build quality, ensuring a reliable and robust solution.
● Cabinet size: 1000mm x 1000mm
● Module size: 250mm x 250mm

Material Options

● Steel or extra lightweight EMC aluminium options
● Aluminium is ideal for installations where weight is a consideration.
● Aluminium cabinets reduce weight by 20kg.

Front or Rear Maintenance

The Leda Series can be serviced easily by removing modules from the front, allowing the product to be wall mounted.

Heat Management

There are four fans per cabinet, ensuring efficient heat management.

Superior Viewing Angle

● A 160 ° horizontal viewing angle
● A 140 ° vertical viewing angle
● High Brightness of up to 6000 nits

  • Application: Outdoor
  • Brightness: 6000 Nit
  • Dimensions:1000mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x 160mm/165mm(D)
  • Pitch: 4.8mm - 7.8mm
  • Features: Cost effective, front-maintenance outdoor solution.
  • Additional Features: Wide viewing angle and excellent colour reproduction.
  • Use Case:Digital Billboards, Outdoor Menu Boards, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Schools