Metis Series Metis Series Metis Series
OUTDOOR | P6.6mm - P16mm


Outstanding Performance

High definition images, dynamic animation effects, supports multiple broadcast formats.

High brightness, high refresh rate, high greyscale, wide viewing angle, reduced power consumption, extremely reliable performance, DC fans for improved heat management and easy maintenance.

Material Options

The cabinet is 127mm thick with an aluminium frame weighing 29Kg/panel

Mounting Options

● Front Maintenance
● Front Installation
● Suitable for Wall Mounting or Hanging

Front Maintenance

Removal of modules for maintenance purposes is easy quick and easy with the provided servicing tools.

Module Alignment

The four-piece magnet system improves module alignment and significantly reduces maintenance time.

Exceptional Heat Management

The Metis heat management system increases the effective lifespan of the LED and components.

The Metis is an exceptional product for challenging environmental locations thanks to it’s advanced weatherproofing system.

  • Application: Outdoor
  • Brightness: 6000 - 8000 Nit
  • Dimensions:960mm(L) x 960mm(W) x 127mm(D)
  • Pitch: 6.6mm - 16mm
  • Features: Our premiere outdoor offering the Metis Series supports two options of LED: SMD and DIP.
  • Physical Features: Two frame sizes allowing for flexibility
  • Use Case:Stadiums, Retail, Digital Advertising